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Bhuvneshwar kumar fast bowling analytics

Bowling action, Speed at the time of bowling,  performance levels, back and knee injuries.....

Its time to get the ultimate analytical tool to transform your training

Are you a cricket bowler concerned about your

Passosync cricket solution empowers players and coaches with the real-time kinematics data for performance analytics. We enable them to take decision backed by data for better injury-free performance. Now there is no need to visit expensive labs for correction, say bye-bye to the knee, foot and shoulder injuries, manage them by high-quality data and make corrections while you play. 


Smart Wearable Sensors 

Passosync wearable sensors for cricket bowlers are worlds only real-time performance analytics system that deliver key metrics at the point of delivery for quick and actionable decision making on the field or nets

There is no need for any expensive camera set up, our miniature wearable sensors are easy to mount or wear them as sleeves and you are good to go. 

Real time analytics Passosync
90hz data rate Passosync app
accuracy Passosync Analytics
passosync wearable
Passosync fast bowling analytics

Sneak Peek : Passosync Bowling Analytics Solution

Passosync app fast bowling
Passosync app fast bowling


Play at any training center, nets, field or games, get detailed insights about your bowling action LIVE.

Dedicated player profile giving more power to coaches for
  efficient training methods and performance improvements. 

Passosync app fast bowling graphs
Passosync app fast bowling graphs
Passosync app fast bowling graphs
Passosync app fast bowling graphs
Balls Bowled
Knee Flexion
Elbow Flexion
Back Flexion
Linear Momentum
Angular Momentum
"...the ultimate tool for proper analysis of your athlete, hope this can be tweaked for fielding as well..."
SRH Fielding Coach '20
Biju George

PRICING : Sensors & Mobile Application

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-03 at 1.40_edited.jpg
Passosync Sensors 

5 set of wearable sensors with straps 

Rs 59,900/- only 

Free Shipping

Passosync app fast bowling
Passosync app fast bowling

Passosync Cricket App


Rs 10/- per ball recorded 

Rs 1490/- per month per player 

7 Days trial free 

10+ data-driven insights, unlimited balls 



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