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 experience the new way of sports engagement 

Platform for sport fans, players and experts to share their views & opinions during Live matches and beyond



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a group chat that allows fans to express and experience the joy of watching live matches together in a troll free environment.

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relive the  excitement 

are you missing the joy of watching the matches with your friends & family. Invite them on PASSOSYNC and create a DUGOUT to bring back the same excitement. Hop between multiple Dugouts to engage with experts and meet new interesting fans  


never seen
before insights  

what if you can see analytics of every major athletic move, crucial moments and much more at one single place

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crazier and
funnier meme

sports and fun go hand in hand together so why wander between multiple platforms for memes. Join Dugout at PASSOSYNC to enjoy  the funnier side of sports  

express your emotions 

are you taking forever on the keyboard to show your reactions. Express your excitement and emotions in a blink of an eye using our AI based quick reaction stickers