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EMPOWERING 700+ Million Cricket Enthusiasts 

At Passosync, we are building worlds largest Troll free community based Fan engagement and learning network for cricket experts, coaches, players and of course Fans

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Everything for Cricket Enthusiasts 

Soccer Fans


Give  your views, insights, opinions a voice and engage with sports fans and community for a healthy and productive engagement

Show support to your favorite teams, , subscribe to expert discussions, knowledge and a lot more, home for ultimate experience for the FANs to  get skin in the game


Accessibility of resources and quality coaches for your training is a thing of the past. Connect and subscribe to verified professional coaches for a comprehensive learning experience 

Track your performance profile. get expert onions, engage with coaches from around the word to get recognized

Cricket Equipment


Connect and engage with coaches and players. Share your new drills, findings, analytics among the cricket fraternity and get recognized

Create premium content for online coaching and sports learning, host live sessions, video instructions and  connect with players from around the world and become a coach of the next cricketing sensation


The one and only network to engage with cricket fraternity for an informed and productive engagement

Post analytics, videos, expert opinions, debate on decision, situation with informed sports enthusiasts. We promise there wont be any fake or troll profiles. 

Cricket Match
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