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Curious case of Natarajan, the young Indian fast bowler

"Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and then greatest things can happen." Pete Carroll

We all witnessed the historical performance given by debutants in recently held Border Gavaskar trophy. Zeal, grit and determination of each player lead us to victory. But are these qualities enough for the win? No, there is much more to the technique with which a player performs.

T Natarajan, one of the amazing left arm pace bowlers who debuted for test match in Gabba against Australia settled for spell of 3-70. He being a net bowler with proper guidance of coaches and his piece of luck got to play amazing matches for India and mark a record debut in all three formats of international cricket in a same series. And he did all proud to the nation and team.

Now if you are a player who wants to play big for nation just like Natarajan but fails to qualify. This is because not everyone has access to professional coaching academies and then most of the professional resources are expensive also. If you are such a player, who imbibes potential to do wonders but is not able to derive maximum efficiency out of your techniques and do you feel that having access to:

  • ·Exclusive coaching resources

  • Professional guidance,

  • Expert consultation and

  • One on one mentoring could help you perform better?

Imagine having all such access one click away on your phone with Passosync connect. A one stop solution for you all. It gives you access to a pool of certified professional coach and their knowledge, helps you to connect to these coaches and get help to correct your techniques and achieve the best out of your potential. You can have suggestions documented by simply sending your clippings to coaches or by sharing your data if you are a Passosync sensors user.

Get mentored by the best and achieve best..!

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