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Prithvi Shaw : Going back to the drawing board

Team India’s astonishing performance specially the young and new players has added so much hope and light to other aspiring cricketers. India after being defeated in Adelaide forced selectors to make changes in playing eleven and specially opening batsman.

One of the major changes was Prithvi Shaw losing his spot from playing 11 team.

Not only this, owing to his inconsistent performance he has been even dropped out from the squad for upcoming test match against England. However, with the help of professional coaches and use of advanced technology and resources he’ll be able to improve and jump back in squad.

The goal of coaching is not in fixing what is broken, but in discovering new talents and new ways to use old talents that lead to far greater effectiveness.”- Gifford Pinchot

India with such huge population has enormous cricket fans base and abundant aspirers who wish to play at such respected level. There are so many Prithvi Shaw’s struggling with their form and performance, waiting for a correct opportunity, guidance and mentorship from expert coaches.

They have been struggling due to lack of knowledge resources, inaccessible professional technology and mentorship. Over this having a one-on-one consultation from world class coaches is still a dream of many grassroot level players.

Passosync Coach, makes all these things possible for a coach to reach all such hardworking and dedicated grassroot level player and make cricket coaching more accessible. A platform where coaches can share their knowledge base, track the progress of there students and take mentorship of next potential players who can outshine and bring laurels to their countries along with giving a one-on-one consultation and be a part of a better easy coaching culture of sports.

It's an opportunity for a Coaches to reach huge audience and make a bigger impact in their lives with their knowledge, expertise and experience.

Let’s make coaching more accessible and add light to their cricketing career.

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