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Analyzing Mohammad Siraj’s impeccable performance at Gabba (2021)

An Indian cricket team saddled with broken bones and battered bodies showed amazing zeal to retain the coveted Border-Gavaskar trophy with a historic three-wicket win over Australia in the fourth and final Test at Gabba by successfully chasing a 328-run target to seal the four-match series at 2-1.

Everyone performed exceptionally well, but the wickets Mohammad Siraj took were most talked about. And what made him such a remarkable bowler is his consistency to ball at good length for 3 sessions in disciplined manner.

Siraj’s remarkable spell of 5-73 on last day of 4th test match brought a lot of accolades across the globe. If we closely look at his postures at ball release of all his wickets, he was very consistent in maintaining that posture with variation in seams which landed him with good wickets. His elbow was flexed at an angle of less than 10 degree. Proper transfer of run-up momentum is an essential parameter for pace bowlers to ball at high speed. His perfect front foot contact combined with back lateral flexion led to good momentum transfer from lower body to shoulder followed by arms. Such balanced posture is of great importance as they help avoid injuries like lumbar spine, hamstrings.

For any young budding player, it is very essential to track the consistency of their technique and performance. Elite and professional level players have access to technology like video analysis solution i.e. post match analysis. But it takes time in processing as well as includes heavy set-up. Every upcoming bowler training in the nets wants to :-

  • Keep a track on consistency

  • Know when fatigue starts affecting his technique and parameters essential for being consistent.

  • Want to know the best posture that can help increase his bowling effectiveness and efficiency?

What if you get these insights in real-time without any hassles of recording videos and thereby helping you correct your technique at the very next ball. Passosync Analytics sensors give access to this professional technology to all budding amateur and future players to be part of this evidence based data centric coaching culture which will help them in becoming best version of themselves.

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