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Zimbabwe spinner Victor Chirwa barred from International cricket for illegal bowling Action

Zimbabwe's Victor Chirwa has been suspended from Bowling in international cricket with immediate from the ongoing Men's U19 Cricket World Cup affect after the event panel confirmed that he used an illegal bowling action in a match against Papua New Guinea on 15 Jan 2022 in West Indies.

This was reported by the match official during the match on 15 Jan, 2022 Saturday. Video footage of him bowling at the event was shared with the event Panel for review where they concluded that Chirwa used an illegal bowling action and thus in accordance with article 6.7 of the regulations he was immediately suspended from Bowling in international cricket.

Victor_File (Source : ICC)

ANALYSIS: An action is declared illegal where a player is throwing rather than bowling the ball. It is defined by ICC as where the player extends his elbow by an amount of more than 15 degrees between their arm reaching the horizontal and the ball being released, which is quite evident in Chirwa's action. Scientific research revealed that almost all bowling actions contained some degree of straightening at the elbow. It was also demonstrated in studies by human movement specialists that such Elbow Extension in a bowling action became noticeable to the naked eye – and started to look like a throw – when it exceeded 15 degrees.

(Source: ICC)

(Source: ICC)

In order to ensure the distinction between bowling and throwing the ball, the ICC has introduced regulations stipulating a maximum degree of permitted Elbow Extension in a bowling action.

Any Elbow Hyperextension shall be discounted for the purposes of determining an Illegal Bowling Action (e.g. This rule is not applicable on Bumrah he has hyperextended elbow).

Victor is not the first bowler to have been suspended from bowling. There have been many fast bowlers reported for illegal action in history however since past a decade some famous off spinners made the headlines too.

Some of them are:

1. West Indies off-spinner Shane Shillingford, December 2010

2. The Sri Lanka off-spinner Sachithra Senanayake, 2014

3. New Zealand part-time off-spinner Kane Williamson, 2014

4. Pakistani off-spinner, ‘The Magician’ Saeed Ajmal, 2015

This immediate suspension of players due to their actions sometimes may have a very adverse effect on their careers. The players when declared of having an illegal action undergoes remedial work in a hope to return as bowler on the crease.

To avoid this, players or teams can use latest analytical tools to get detail about their bowling action while practicing itself. We at Passosync, aim to empower players and coaches with such real time kinematics data for performance analysis ( We enable them to take decision backed by data for better injury free performance. Using this tool while practicing can you help you avoid expensive lab visits for action correction.

Make corrections while you play

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