"Sports Lab in your Pocket" 

Pasosync 3D Motion Analytics Solution allows athletes to record and analysis their kinematics performance parameters which in turn assist them in the overall improvement of their performance. Pasosync wearables sensors are mounted on the athlete's body or sportswear from which the data is recorded in real-time. These data are displayed on the Pasosync App in a meaning full way to assist athletes and players in making necessary required changes. All those unexplored territories of body kinematics can now be explored using our indigenous multiple sensor system and mobile App. 

Using our sensors and sports solutions, we want to assist professional to amateur players in different sports. Our solutions can be used in ubiquitous sports and find their application during the training and live games which makes them indispensable sports analytics solutions for the next generation athletes. 

Pasosync Solutions for different sports 
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In running events, starting stance, angle of attack, leg profile, back angle, hands movement and various important kinematics parameters of the runner can be studied quantitatively. The recorded data can be used to improve the overall performance


In cricket, the study of batsman's and

bowlers' actions-profile-stance can be performed in real-time. Parameters like the legality of the bowl bowled, ball release angle, leg profile, ankle movement, knee bend and other crucial parameters can be easily recorded and analysed

Practicing Free Throws

In basketball, free throw, 2 & 3 pointer shooting techniques can be studied and recommendations can be made to improve players strike rate and efficiency. Any anomaly in the stance, style can also be studied 


In Skateboarding, different types of tricks can be counted in real-time along with the quality and accuracy of the technique. Pasosync App displays the data on the mobile app for analysis. It's like a DAQ for Skateboards


In horse training, various data points of the horse and its leg movements are recorded and analysed in real-time to assist the rider in controlling the horse using bridle and halter. 


In Swimming, movements of hands, legs and body along with the style of the swimmer can be measured. Data based training of the swimmers can be done to improve the performance. 


In GYM &WT exercises, data for correct technique and posture can be compared with the ideal condition allowing users to make adjustments in posture and position for injury-proof training 


In Track and Field events, kinematics performance parameters of the athletes can be studied and data-driven improvements can be suggested in real-time for better performance